In an extremely short space of time, the Sony Alpha series has not only established itself as the most popular full-frame mirrorless camera system, but also as one of the most popular across all formats. And when the only comparable resolution is available in larger DSLRs, the Sony Alpha 7R II is a unique proposition for photographers for whom camera size and weight is an important consideration, but demand great image quality and high resolution from a full-frame sensor.

The first Alpha 7 models – the Alpha 7 and Alpha 7R were announced in October 2013, with a third model – the Alpha 7s announced the following spring. Each of these cameras was aimed at very different types of photography with the Alpha 7 being geared more towards general shooting thanks to its 24-million-pixel sensor. The Alpha 7R was the high-resolution powerhouse with a resolution of 36-million pixels. The Alpha 7S was aimed at videographers and prized for its incredible handling of high ISO noise, which in part was possible due to the lower resolution 12-million-pixel sensor.

It’s not often that a manufacturer attacks the market so comprehensively, but that’s exactly what Sony has done with all these cameras now on their second or third version, and it certainly looks like its continuing with the launch of the Alpha 9 – a camera using the same lens mount and aimed at yet another area of photography; this time high speed, high ISO shooting with superfast AF and continuous shooting speed.

The Sony Alpha 7R II is highly regarded among landscape and outdoor photographers, with wide appeal in other areas such as studio photography thanks to its resolution of 42-million pixels. Plus there’s a fast-hybrid AF system comprised of 399 phase-detection and 25 contrast-detection focus points covering 45% of the image area. Then there’s the 5-axis, in-body image stabilisation system that compensates up to 4.5 stops. These are just a few of the impressive features available in this fantastic camera.

Price: £2,399