A camera strap is a camera strap, right? Well yes, but there are many more options available than just the strap that came bundled with your camera – some will be more comfortable, some more stylish and individual, and some will allow you to carry two cameras at once. The HoldFast Money Maker harness is all of these and more, which is why it’s a popular choice among wedding photographers looking for a dual camera strap/harness that’s as stylish as it is practical.

The Money Maker harness is one of many such camera straps available designed for carrying two cameras, but what you get here is something very different from the usual nylon options. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with these and like everything ultimately comes down to personal taste, there’s no denying that high-grade leather with metal buckles and fittings produces a much more premium finish that makes the Money Maker stand out from the crowd.

Another point worth mentioning is that finding the right Money Maker Harness for you should be no problem thanks to the availability of 12 finishes, and standard width or skinny fit. There are also a further five hand-tooled and painted options alongside a snakeskin Money Maker, although these options are considerably more expensive than the standard straps.

Setting up the harness is quick and easy and you can be confident that your cameras are safe once attached to the strap via metal clips and a D-ring that attaches to the tripod thread. Not only this, there is a strong nylon safety catch that attaches to the left-side lug of each camera. The HoldFast Money Maker harness oozes quality in terms of design and functionality, and most importantly, is comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Price: from £172