Home studio portrait photography: Clear backgrounds

John Freemans top tips image

Look out for clutter in the background that will distract the viewer of your image.

If there is any, just remove it.

Don’t feel you have to stick to the furniture set-up as you find it. If the light is better in another part of the room, just move things around a bit.

Take a grey card reading to get the colour balance just right.

Home studio portrait photography: Hand positions

If you do include a shot of the model’s hands in your shoot, make sure that you have them positioned carefully, and not looking like an afterthought.

If not done correctly, they will cause a distraction in the image.

Also, remember that if you move the model to a different position during a shoot, always check the background again, because there might have been something in the first position that, after moving the model, suddenly becomes a visible distraction.

You don’t always have to use reflectors. Merely using the light available can produce excellent results.

Home studio portrait photography: Chat to your subject

Make your subject feel at ease by constantly chatting to them. This will help them relax and be more receptive to what you are asking them to do.

Home studio portrait photography: Take a break

Take a break every now and again to see how your pictures are looking.

Tiredness will be reflected in your images if your sessions are too long.