Whether you’re fortunate enough to catch any of the Tour de France taking place right now, or planning to take advantage of the range of events happening across the UK shortly, there are plenty of upcoming opportunities to capture some breathtaking photos of road cycling events.

Other upcoming road cycling events

Next month sees a festival of races across 1 – 2 August taking place in London, allowing plenty of opportunities to take images of cyclists with a range of abilities. Out of all the events taking place, perhaps the biggest draw is the RideLondon-Surrey Classic on Sunday 2 August, where 150 of the world’s top cyclists from 25 professional teams will race through the iconic streets of London and the Surrey Hills.

September will also see the Tour of Britain, a ride which will visit a few different parts of England, Scotland and Wales.

Calendar of cycling events

Top tips for taking great road cycling photographs

  1. You’re not just restricted to shooting with a telephoto lens – in fact, more often than not, you’re better off with a wideangle optic, especially if you’re on an inside bend where you can get down low for a dynamic angle.
  2. If you’re shooting in the capital, London’s iconic buildings can make fabulous backdrops to your shots, so try to position yourself where they’re visible.
  3. Out on the Surrey hills, the roads narrow, so set yourself up on a famous climb, such as Box Hill or Denbies, where spectators crowd the roads. Riders will be pushing themselves hard so you should get some good expressions.
  4. It’s not all about the action – arrive early before the start and you can potentially get some great shots of riders warming up and some nice details.
  5. If you take any great shots of any cycling events, make sure you share them with us the Amateur Photographer Facebook page or Twitter account @ap_magazine, and we’ll share the best ones with our followers.