What: ?Does the Camera Ever Lie?? Panel discussion

Who: Colin Jacobson, Susan Schulman, Sean Smith, Marcus Bleasdale, and Jessica Crombie

When: 23 November, 7pm

Where: The Human Rights Action Centre, 17-25 New Inn Yard, London, EC2A 3EA

Details: As part of the Photomonth festival and Amnesty International’s series of events, ?Human Rights in the Frame?, this lecture brings to light many human rights tragedies but discusses how trustworthy are the images?

The panel includes:

Colin Jacobson, photo editor the Independent Magazine and professor of photojournalism at Westminster University

Susan Schulman, freelance photographer, shortlisted for the Periodicals category and the winner of this year?s Amnesty International Media Award for her photographs for GQ article ?Congo: the horror?

Sean Smith, photographer with the Guardian, has won numerous awards for his work in Iraq

Marcus Bleasdale, award winning photojournalist known for his work on human rights and conflict. He is also an author of two books “One Hundred Years of Darkness” 2002 and “The Rape of a Nation” 2009.

Jessica Crombie, is Picture Editor for WaterAid, she commissions shoots across Africa and Asia. Jessica writes and lectures about photography for a number of publications and universities.

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Price: free.