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This excellent travel tripod is versatile, lightweight, and comes with a comprehensive kit full of extras. It’s a great choice for users of cameras and smartphones alike.
  • Good design and construction
  • Useful maximum shooting height
  • Smartphone Quick Release plate
  • Monopod option
  • Two accessory threads
  • Can be a little wobbly at full height
  • Twist locks may not suit everyone

Although it may look understated, the Vanguard VEO 3T 235CBP carbon fibre tripod discreetly packs features that make it a strong contender in the constantly evolving travel tripod class. Its design is based around slim five-section carbon fibre legs. The largest section has a 23mm diameter, while the thinnest measures a little less than 12mm, approximately the same diameter as a AAA battery. 

Combined with the two-section centre column, the legs produce a maximum shooting height of 155cm. If you are 6ft tall, your eye level will be around the same height as the viewfinder of most mirrorless cameras.

Vanguard VEO 3T 235CBP at a glance:

  • $235 / £229.99
  • Max Height: 1550mm
  • Folded Length: 410mm
  • Weight: 1600g
  • Max Load: 8kg
  • Includes spiked feet and case
A nylon carry case is included, but it has nowhere to hold the accessories. Credit: Andy Westlake

Each leg section tightens via twist locks, which I found secure and firm. People argue back and forth whether twist or lever locks are better. Still, I prefer the twist lock as it produces a neater profile for carrying the tripod. The reality is that when shooting landscapes, the few seconds that can potentially be saved from operating clamps compared to twist locks make no practical difference. 

Vanguard VEO 3T 235CBP folded down. Credit: Andy Westlake

Each leg has three angle positions, including one close to 90° for lying flat on the ground. One feature that stood out was the large, pronounced release button for the leg angles, which was easy to find and operate, even when I was wearing thick winter gloves.

The kit includes a pan handle, low angle adapter, spiked feet, and a bluetooth release for your smartphone. Credit: Andy Westlake

The centre column can be reversed to mount the camera extremely low to the ground when needed. There’s also a low-level adapter in the kit, although this requires the centre column to be removed and then the head to be transferred across.

Using the low angle adapter, the camera can be set as low as 14cm from the ground. Credit: Andy Westlake

Vanguard VEO 3T 235CBP key features:

  • Monopod: One of the legs can be unscrewed and attached to the centre column to transform into a monopod.
  • Phone Holder: The QS-72T quick-release plate unfolds to reveal a sprung clamp that can hold a smartphone up to 85mm wide. It also has a built-in cold-shoe mount to allow a microphone or additional lighting to be added. 
  • Bubble Level: There is a small bubble level built-in to the tripod’s spider. 
  • Arca Swiss clamp: A vast number of third-party plates and cages can be directly attached to the head.
One leg and the centre column screw together to make a monopod. Credit: Andy Westlake

The VEO BP-50T ball head that is included is straightforward, with a panning lock screw and a central lock for the ball itself. It does not have friction control, but this wouldn’t be expected for a travel tripod aimed at photographers. A screw-in pan handle is supplied for video use, but its practicality with a ball head is somewhat debatable.

The supplied camera plate doubles up as a smartphone clamp, and there’s a screw-in panning handle. Credit: Andy Westlake

In use, the multiple leg and centre column sections mean there is some flex when the tripod is fully extended, but this an expected compromise in such a compact travel tripod. Overall the tripod is solid and stable, but for those doing very long exposure shots, I would recommend hanging your camera bag for extra ballast.


There are two 3/8in screw mounting points on the central ‘spider’, one fitted with a 1/4in adapter. This means you can mount multiple accessories via magic arms, such as video monitors, microphones, audio recorders or reflectors.

The central ‘spider’ has a bubble level and two 3/8in threads for attaching accessories. Credit: Andy Westlake

Just make sure you don’t upset the balance of the tripod, and use the hook to hang your bag off the centre column for extra stability if needed.

Vanguard VEO 3T 235CBP: Our Verdict

The Vanguard VEO 3T 235CP tripod is a neatly designed travel tripod with good build quality. It has everything you would expect from a tripod of its type and comes at a competitive price.

Fully extended, the tripod achieves a height of 155cm. Credit: Andy Westlake

The additional accessory mounting points, neat smartphone quick-release plate and the fact it has an Arca Swiss camera clamp are genuinely valuable features, as is the monopod leg. If you are looking for a travel tripod, it is well worth adding to your list of options.

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