Tenba Tools Cable Duo 4 at a glance:

  • £20
  • Two-section tech organiser pouch
  • Measures 22 x 11 x7cm
  • Transparent covers
  • Available in blue or black
  • uk.tenba.com

Often, it can seem like all the best photographic accessories cost a fortune. A decent, well-padded waterproof camera bag, or a nice sturdy tripod, can easily set you back several hundred pounds. But there are also some really handy pieces of kit with much more affordable price tags. They’ll often be small, pragmatic items that don’t look terribly exciting, but turn out to be incredibly useful. The Tenba Tools Cable Duo 4 is a case in point, being a well-designed tech organiser pouch that won’t break the bank.

Tenba Tools Cable Duo 4 key features:

  • Dual sided: A shallow compartment one side is designed for cables, while a deeper one on the other side holds chargers or other small accessories
  • Cable loops: Six elasticated loops in the slimmer compartment can be used for organising charger and connection cables
  • Visibility: Both compartments have tough transparent covers, allowing you to see the contents at a glance
  • Handle: The slim webbing carry handle is robust while adding minimal bulk
Tenba Tools Cable Duo 4, Cable organiser section

One one side, there’s a cable organiser section complete with elasticated loops. Image credit: Andy Westlake / Amateur Photographer

So what, exactly, is the Cable Duo 4, and why would you want one? Essentially, it’s a rectangular case measuring 22cm x 11cm that’s divided into two compartments, each with its own transparent plastic cover.

On one side, there’s a thin space about 2 centimetres deep that’s notionally for storing cables, with six elasticated loops to help keep them under control. But you can use it for all sorts of other items too, including such things as portable SSDs, or the multi-port USB-C dongles required by many laptops these days.

On the other side, there’s a separate compartment with its own zip opening that holds larger accessories. This section is about 4cm deep, which means it’s perfect for such things as battery chargers, laptop power supplies, computer mice, and USB chargers. So it’s great for organising all those little things that you can’t do without when you’re away on a trip or shoot, but don’t necessarily want to be cluttering up your camera bag.

Tenba Tools Cable Duo 4 with boxed 35mm film

Tenba Tools Cable Duo 4 with boxed 35mm film. Image credit: Andy Westlake / Amateur Photographer

Alternatively, this space can hold a couple of small LED lights and certain hot-shoe video microphones. Fans of analogue photography will find it’s perfect for eight boxed rolls of 35mm film.

One thing to note, though, is that the case is completely unpadded, so you won’t want to use it for fragile devices. However, this also means that it’s inherently flexible, and will accommodate some items that might appear to be too thick, based on its nominal dimensions.

Tenba Tools Cable Duo 4: Our Verdict

I’ve used a Tenba Tools Cable Duo 4 for years now, for organising my cables, chargers, and computer peripherals whenever I go away on a trip. I’ve tried several other tech pouches, but ultimately keep on coming back to this one, simply because it’s so practical. The rectangular shape makes it easy to pack into a camera backpack or your general luggage, while the clear covers mean you can find and grab whatever you need instantly. It does a useful job extremely well.

Amateur Photographer Testbench Gold - 5 stars

Also consider…

Tenba also offers the confusingly similarly named Cable 4, which is a single-compartment organiser pouch for £16. Alternatively, if you need something larger, there’s the Cable Duo 8 (£26), which is double the size of the Cable Duo 4, at 22cm square.

Tenba Tool Box 6

The Tenba Tool Box 6 is a small padded organiser case. Image credit: Tenba

Alternatively, if you’d prefer something padded, look at the firm’s Tool Box range. These are small padded cases with transparent covers and repositionable internal dividers. They come in three sizes: all are 8cm deep and 19cm wide, but they vary between 11cm and 22cm high. Prices range from £24 to £35.

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