When I spotted a huge, camouflage backpack that can hold a whopping amount of kit, I just had to give it a test. The Tenba Axis V2 32L Backpack is the biggest bag in the firm’s line-up. With a 32L capacity, it measures 37cm wide, 57cm high and 24 cm deep while weighing 2.5kg. I think this counts as a good size while still being useable for less hefty outings.

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Tenba Axis V2 32L Backpack at a glance:

  • $300 / £240 (black); $310 / £250 (multicam black)
  • Large 32L capacity
  • Measures 37W x 57H x 24D cm
  • Padded straps and back panel
  • 3 quick access points
  • Multicam Black Camouflage Pattern or all-black versions available
  • tenba.com
Tenba Axis V2 32L backpack interior

This is a large bag with loads of space for cameras, lenses and lights etc. Credit: Callum McInerney-Riley

One notable feature is the bag’s use of the military-standard MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) system. This is durable strapping securely sewn onto the bag with the intention of hanging stuff off it. You can buy lots of MOLLE pouches and bags to extend the capacity should you need too. I’d recommend getting a bottle/flask holder if you intend to use the side mount for anything else.

Tenba Axis V2 32L backpack Molle strapping

Tenba Axis V2 32L backpack Molle strapping. Credit: Callum McInerney-Riley

Tenba Axis V2 32L Backpack key features:

  • Tracker Pouch:  A concealed pouch allows you to hide a Bluetooth tracker so you can locate the bag if lost or stolen.
  • Access:  You can quickly access your camera from the top opening or side. Alternatively, open the rear to access the main compartment.
  • Harness:  When carrying heavy loads, it’s a great addition to have waist and sternum straps for enhanced support.
  • Water resistant:  In light rain, the water beads off the bags water-resistant material. However, there is a supplied rain cover should you need it.
Tenba Axis V2 32L backpack tripod attachment

A tripod can be strapped onto the front of the backpack. Credit: Callum McInerney-Riley

With a capacity to accommodate 1 or 2 mirrorless, DSLR or Cine cameras (even with grip/booster) and 7-9 regular-sized lenses, or perhaps a telephoto up to 400mm f/2.8 lens, along with a laptop up to 17 inches, this backpack is designed to cater to versatile photography needs. It’s also ideal for flashes, lighting kits and compact drones. I was carrying a Canon Cinema Camera + Sony Alpha A7 IV, five lenses, two flashes, and mics. There’s a zip up area for accessories on the back panel and a large pouch on the front too.

Fully loaded, naturally the bag is heavy, but still very manageable thanks to the double sternum strap across the front and one across the waist. A wonderful mesh padding on the shoulder straps, waist straps and the back of the rucksack helps with airflow. This mesh is featured on the back of the backpack too with some substantial padding.

Tenba Axis V2 32L backpack harness

The well-padded harness and back make the bag comfortable to carry. Credit: Callum McInerney-Riley

A waterproof rain cover is provided, although the material is surprisingly weather-resistant without it. The zip on the laptop compartment has waterproofing to stop water pooling on top and coming through, but none of the other zips have this.

Much of the bag’s front surface, along with the side opening, is covered in MOLLE strapping. This allows a wide range of accessories and pouches to be attached, including tripods, monopods, and light stands. This provides photographers with a versatile platform for expanding their gear-carrying capabilities.

Tenba Axis V2 32L backpack interior pocket

Internal pockets can be used to carry accessories such as spare batteries. Credit: Callum McInerney-Riley

During testing, I packed this bag out to maximum capacity. I found I could pack in everything from video and photo gear, lighting kits and all the accompanying accessories. Also, the MOLLE system allows you to strap on multiple tripods or lighting stands/monopods on the front and side of the bag.

However, if you pack out the front pouch too much, it starts to press against your laptop. Likewise loading up the accessories pouch on the back panel too much will press against your back. This isn’t ideal if you intend to carry large block batteries, but not that much of a problem generally.

Tenba Axis V2 32L backpack in use

Tenba Axis V2 32L backpack in use. Credit: Callum McInerney-Riley

Tenba Axis V2 32L Backpack: Our Verdict

Overall, the Tenba Axis V2 32L Backpack looks seriously cool, it’s very comfortable to carry around, and it should give photographers all the flexibility they need to carry just about anything.

Amateur Photographer Recommended 4 stars

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