Dynamic Range

Although we have not been able to gain dynamic range measurements to date for the NEX-7, when the same sensor on the Alpha 77 was tested it scored an impressive 13.2EV on DxOMark.com, which puts it on par with the Sony Alpha 580 and Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro, although slightly behind the Pentax K-5 and Nikon D7000.

With the lack of a mirror in the light path I would expect the NEX-7 to match this maximum score, but tail off less rapidly as the ISO was increased.

Among the options in the brightness and colour menu are those for a dynamic range optimiser and auto HDR. The dynamic range optimiser provides a subtle but effective improvement to shadow and highlight areas to maintain an even tone curve, while HDR is effective with manual control of between 1 and -6EV.

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