Features In Use: The Viewfinder

Although the NEX-7 uses the same resolution and technology as the electronic finder in the Alpha 77, there are subtle differences between the cameras. The same magnification is achieved, but eye-relief in the Alpha 77 is 4mm greater.

When used side by side, however, the two EVFs  appear identical. As electronic viewfinders go, these are certainly the best on the market and they outperform all other current CSC viewfinder options. Although many photographers may have preferred to see an optical finder, or even a hybrid configuration, on this camera, the electronic through-the-lens view delivers much more accurate framing information.

The brightness of the view adjusts to replicate the true metered brightness, but I found it still difficult to judge exposure accurately on the screen without using the histogram display. However, with the histogram on the screen and your eye fixed to the eyecup, it is possible to make more critical decisions about the shot than would be possible on an optical screen.

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