Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX50 review – Metering

Overall, I found the multi-metering mode  on the HX50 to be generally accurate. When shooting on a bright sunny day, scenes with high contrast have a tendency to be slightly underexposed when using evaluative metering, with the camera choosing to retain details in the brighter highlight areas. Thankfully, the addition of the exposure-compensation dial makes it easy to adjust the exposure quickly. It is great to have this premium feature in a compact camera such as the HX50. Shooting at +0.3EV achieved results better suited to my personal preference.

Apart from the evaluative multi-metering mode, centreweighted and spot metering are also on hand for trickier situations. However, the multi-metering mode and exposure-compensation dial are all that most photographers should need with this type of travel compact camera.

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