Dynamic range

The Sony Alpha 33 has a competitive dynamic range of around 12EV that compares well to most other DSLR cameras, as many have a dynamic range of 11EV-12EV.

In use, the contrast curve of the Alpha 33 offers a good level of contrast in most images, but still retains plenty of detail in both the highlights and shadows. This makes it easy to adjust images where you need to recover detail from these areas.

Image: This graph shows the brightness values recorded by the test camera when it is used to photograph a stepped graduation wedge. The wedge has transmission values in 1⁄2EV steps ranging from 0 to 12EV. The camera’s exposure is set so the 12EV section in the wedge has a brightness value of 255. Software analysis of the image 
then determines the recorded brightness values of all the other steps and calculates the camera’s dynamic range.

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