The competition

Image: Nikon D5000

The only DSLR camera capable of shooting at 7fps in the same price range as the Alpha 33 is the new Pentax K-5, which we have yet to test. Apart from this, the Nikon D300S is capable of up to 8fps with the MB-D10 battery grip, although this combination costs around £1,500.

Image: Canon EOS 550D

As an enthusiast-level DSLR, the Alpha 33’s competition will be the Canon EOS 550D and the Nikon D5000. Of these three cameras, the EOS 550D has the highest resolution at an impressive 18 million pixels. In contrast, the Nikon D5000 has 12.1 million pixels. If a lot of your work involves high-speed photography or video capture, the Sony Alpha 33 really stands out from the crowd.

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