Samsung NX300 review – White balance and colour

Image: Shot in the standard colour mode, colours are very natural in this sunny scene

I was impressed by the colour rendition of images straight out of the camera. In the standard shooting mode, colours are natural rather than oversaturated, but not dull. With Picture Wizard turned on, there is the choice of nine modes, from the usual standard and vivid settings to the more unusual forest and calm. There are a further three custom settings. With the vivid mode activated, colour saturation is given a boost but it is not garish. So, for those who like a bit of punch to their images, vivid is a good choice. The black & white mode is called classic. Unfortunately, unlike some other cameras, there is no option for b&w filter effects.

The NX300 has the usual complement of white balance presets, auto, custom and manual Kelvin adjustments. A custom reading is quick to take. AWB is, on the whole, accurate, apart from the usual situations where it cannot compensate against dominate tones in a scene.

The NX300 offers three-frame bracketing for Picture Wizard and white balance, with manual control over the three chosen settings. Both bracketing modes are available in JPEG only, which, for those who like to shoot in raw format, will be somewhat redundant as changes to the colour can be made post-capture. Changes can also be made in-camera to hue and saturation, among other things.

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