Samsung NX300 review – Our verdict

On the whole, the improvements to the NX300 are incremental rather than radical. However, as the NX210 was already a very good camera, the same can be said of the NX300. The new model is more stylish when viewed from the front and top. Handling is improved through the LCD screen, which is a fantastic touch-enabled unit with a large, bright display. However, I would still like the option of an electronic viewfinder next time round.

Samsung’s Wi-Fi feature works very well and the novelty of what it is capable of has not worn off yet, especially the remote control of the camera’s shutter and AF. However, despite the change to the AF system, it is difficult to see any real benefit in its speed. Even with a quicker processor, the NX300 is perfectly fine for everyday use rather than sports.

Image quality is very good, especially using a lens such as the 60mm f/2.8 macro, while colour rendition is natural. In low light, the NX300 is also improved, with better control of noise. All in all, the NX300 has taken a great step to being the complete package.

Samsung NX300 – Key features

The NX300 does not have a built-in flash. However, it comes supplied with the SEF8A unit that attaches to the hotshoe port and has an output of GN 8m @ ISO 100. Other optional external flash units are also available.

In-camera editing
There are a number of changes that can be made to an image in-camera, including cropping and resizing, adding a smart filter like vignetting and miniature and, as previously mentioned, colour alterations such as temperature, exposure and contrast.

Function button
This button accesses a quick menu. From here, changes can be made to most of the key exposure controls, including some that do not have direct access elsewhere, such as white balance, metering and Picture Wizard.

The Near Field Communication chip is on the left side of the camera. Physically swiping an NFC device over the NFC chip in the NX300 activates a direct connection rather than trawling through menus.

The user can choose between the touchscreen and the rear buttons to make adjustments in-camera. The touchscreen works well and over time is likely to be used just as frequently as the buttons.

An 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS III lens can be bought as a kit with the camera, and like many of the new Samsung lenses it has an i-Fn button. This control allows the focus ring on the lens to adjust other settings, such as aperture.

Underneath a hard plastic door are the mini-HDMI and mini-USB ports. The NX300 charges through the USB port rather than being supplied with a separate charger unit.

Image: With a high-resolution sensor, there is plenty of details in full-size images, as seen in the pull-up of the rock

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