Image Quality

Image: At ISO 800 the image quality of the MV800 is OK, however at the lowest ISO 80 sensitivity a lot of detail is resolved (See resolution chart further down this page).

One of the most impressive features of the MV800 is the Optical Image Stabilisation, which works extremely well in reducing the effects of camera shake. All the automatic features of the camera produce good results, with a sensitivity range of ISO 80-3200 helping to make sure that images are well exposed by the evaluative metering system, even in low light.

As you would expect from a consumer compact camera with a 16.15-million-pixel sensor, image noise is an issue. Even at low sensitivities luminance noise is visible, although images are sharp and with a good level of detail. As the sensitivity increases, the noise and noise reduction reduce the detail greatly, although at smaller 6x4in snapshot sizes this will not be noticeable.

Resolution chart

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