Equipped with a 4.9-52.5mm (28-300mm equivalent) f/3.5-5.6 Ricoh zoom lens, 1cm macro mode and 10-million-pixel sensor, the Ricoh CX6 is at its core the same as previous versions all the way back to the CX3. Sadly, the 10-million-pixel sensor and the camera’s JPEG-only capture is beginning to look a little dated. However, useful improvements have been made to the CX6’s handling.

Previous models in the series are limited to automatic exposure, but the CX6 offers shutter priority for speeds from 8-1/2000sec, or aperture priority for one of two settings: ‘open’ or ‘minimum’. Combined with a host of sophisticated controls and shooting modes, this could make the CX6 the ideal photographer’s travel companion.

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