Ricoh CX5 review – Introduction

Like Ricoh’s mid-level compact R series before it, the CX series maintains a steady and regular release interval. Since the beginning of 2004, Ricoh has announced a new model roughly once every six months, with the first CX released at the beginning of 2009. We are now on the fifth CX model and, like its predecessor, the Ricoh CX5 brings in a few refinements.

This time Ricoh has introduced a new hybrid AF system that combines a distance sensore with contrast detection AF. Ricoh claims a focusing speed of 0.2 seconds, which is twice as fast as that of the CX4.

Further to this, new super-resolution technology allows an expansion of the 28-300mm focal range to 600mm. Three new scene modes named ‘cooking’, ‘fireworks’ and ‘continuous golf swing’ take the total up to 14, and the Ricoh CX5 is now compatible with the wireless Eye-Fi memory card.

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