Pentax K-3 review – Viewfinder, LCD, live view and video

Looking through the viewfinder is a real pleasure. It offers a 100% field of view and is as bright and as clear as I have tested on any APS-C-format DSLR. Manual focusing is possible, with a focus indicator on the viewfinder LCD panel reassuringly indicating when the camera also feels that the focus point (the last to be used) is in focus.

The 3.2in, 1.037-million-dot screen has no air between the LCD panel and the protective glass, so reflections are reduced and contrast increased. The result is that the screen is fine to use in all but the very brightest conditions. However, with a viewfinder and a top LCD panel, you don’t need to use the rear screen too much except for reviewing images and occasionally changing settings. Live view is available and the dual-axis image-level indicators and live histogram will no doubt prove useful for landscape photographers. For those working on very exact images, there is also the option to slightly adjust the image composition by shifting the sensor slightly. This can be a real benefit for those shooting still life or macro images when working on a tripod, because without a micro-adjustment plate it can be difficult to make tiny, precise corrections.

The K-3’s specification is also good for video enthusiasts, with it being able to capture full HD, 1920×1080-pixel video at a rate of 24fps, 25fps or 30fps. An external microphone socket, as well as a headphone socket for audio monitoring, is also available.

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