Pentax K-3 review – Our verdict

Based on image quality alone, the Pentax K-3 is one of the best enthusiast DSLRs we have tested. Images are full of detail and there are more than enough colour settings to satisfy most photographers. The metering is a little on the dark side, although this does have the benefit of preserving highlights, and the AF could be faster. However, the camera handles well, once you have set it up according to how you wish to use it, and the weather-sealed body means you needn’t fear the British winter weather. It is a little heavy though, particularly in a world where we are getting used to small and light compact system cameras.

Once again, Pentax has come up with a camera that photographers should really enjoy using. It is a pleasant experience, and there is something about the K-3 that feels more tactile than many other cameras.

Enthusiasts looking to break away from Nikon or Canon could do far worse than the K-3, although expect to have to put in a little more legwork to get the results you want.

Pentax K-3 – Key features

Mode dial lock
The mode dial can be locked in place to prevent it moving, or it can be left unlocked to allow quick adjustment.

Dual SD card slots
Under the panel at the side of the camera is a pair of SD card slots. This means that a Flucard, for Wi-Fi connectivity, can sit alongside a standard SD card for image storage.

Weather seals
Sturdy rubber doors protect the sockets on the side of the camera from water and dust ingress.

Rear screen
The K-3 has a 3.2in, 1.037-million-dot screen that is also sealed to allow its use in the rain.

AF point selection
This button allows the AF point to be switched by using the directional controls.

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