Olympus OM-D E-M10 review – White balance and colour

I was impressed by the E-M10’s ability to automatically select the correct white balance, showing no tendency to lean towards any one particular colour.

When left to its own devices, the camera seemed to be able to recreate a faithful and accurate representation of the scene, even in scenarios with particularly awkward lighting. For example, the image of a teapot features two separate light sources: ambient light from a window and a warm incandescent lamp in the small room.

Olympus has provided a good number of white balance presets and customisable options should you want to apply more specific balancing. As well as the ability to manually set a Kelvin adjustment, there are also four slots for a custom setting.

There are also seven colour modes, which sees the camera apply its own filters. Using numerous presets and colour options doesn’t seem to tax the TruePic VII processor, so users will be able to experiment and capture Instagram-like images in-camera.

Image: Set to auto white balance and standard picture mode, the E-M10 is intelligent enough to produce faithful colours and tones

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