Olympus OM-D E-M10 review – Metering

Image: Olympus’s electro-selective pattern, 324-zone metering does a good job of capturing highlight and shadow detail in high-contrast lighting situations

The E-M10 uses the same 324-zone multi-pattern metering system as that used in the current Olympus Pen line-up and in the E-M5. As I composed frames using Olympus’s proprietary electro-selective pattern (evaluative) metering, the E-M10 responded to highlights and shadows by making relatively fast adjustments to the exposure compensation, and it did a good job of not over or underexposing the scenes.

Spot metering can be achieved using any one of the E-M10’s 81 AF points, which can be selected using the twin dials or the arrow controls on the D-pad, or by simply tapping anywhere on the frame using the touchscreen display. Centreweighted metering works as expected, and spot-highlight (Hi Spot) and spot-shadow (Sh Spot) metering are also available for more advanced metering needs. They are useful for achieving correct highlight and shadow tonality in scenes that are problematic for other metering modes, such as those with snow, or dark subjects on light backgrounds.

Image: Shot at 1/8sec and ISO 800, the E-M10 has captured an impressive amount of edge detail and metering is spot on 

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