Leica M-E at a glance:

  • 18-million-pixel, full-frame CCD sensor
  • DNG raw files
  • 2.5in, 690,000-dot LCD screen
  • ISO 80-2500
  • 2fps frame rate
  • Street price around £3,900

Leica M-E review – Introduction

When it was launched in 2009, the Leica M9 was an advanced camera. Its 18-million-pixel, full-frame CCD sensor was, at the time, bettered only by a handful of professional DSLR or medium-format models. Aided by its lack of an anti-aliasing filter, the Leica M9 produces sharp images that even now, several years on, can hold their own against all but the latest cameras.

However, certain features of the M9 are now dated. Leica responded with the launch of the Leica M, a 24-million-pixel, full-frame model with a new LCD screen and optional EVF. All these changes are the result of switching from CCD to CMOS sensor technology in the new camera.

At the same time, Leica introduced the M-E. At around £600 cheaper than the M9, the £3,900 Leica M-E sits at the bottom of Leica’s range of M-series rangefinder cameras, below the M, M9 and M9-P, although much of its technology is virtually identical to the latter two cameras.

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