Image: Images at low ISO sensitivities are well detailed with slightly cool colouring from the auto white balance

Images are bright and natural, while colours appear slightly muted overall. There are hints of chromatic aberration in high-contrast areas, but not to any worrying extent. At ISO 3200 colour noise is well controlled, but the noise reduction that is applied leaves detail almost non-existent. Below ISO 400 the detail is far more impressive with crisp edges, but there are still signs of artefacts in the image when viewed at 100%.

The auto white balance can leave images looking cold on overcast days and vary across a shoot. For indoor tungsten lights, however, it gives a natural, slightly warm colouring. The metering leaves a balanced exposure, although where the dynamic range is exceeded the highlights are first to suffer.

Using the standard HDR mode can help gather more tonal range for an image and the results remain fairly natural. The HDR art settings, however, are more extreme and are unlikely to appeal even to the most fanatical HDR users.

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