Canon EOS 70D review – Dynamic range

Nikon generally seems to have the edge over Canon with regard to dynamic range, and that seems to be the case here. We measured the dynamic range of the EOS 70D to be 11.52EV at ISO 100. However, what the numbers tell you and what you actually see in real-world images can be different things. I found that the dynamic range of images taken at low ISO sensitivities were acceptable, with a good balance between shadow and highlight detail.

The tone curve applied to JPEGs in Canon cameras is my favourite from any manufacturer as it really provides a good balance between highlight, midtone and shadow detail, producing great images straight out of the camera. However, when raw images have been edited to the extreme, there is a little more noise visible in the shadow areas than is seen in cameras with a larger dynamic range.

So while the numbers may seem quite average, generally the dynamic range performance shouldn’t be an issue.

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