Benro Bat 03C Tripod with VX20 Head at a glance:

  • 41cm maximum height
  • 30cm folded length
  • 0.83kg weight
  • 12kg rated load

It’s a rare thing to see a feature on a tripod that you have never seen before. I’ve scoured the internet and asked my peers, and no one has seen the main feature of the Benro Bat, yet it seems so obvious. You see, the Benro Bat range has 5 legs positions, 3 that angle downwards, as you would expect, but 2 that actually lock upwards, so you can make your tripod look like a bat. It all makes sense.

‘But why would I want to angle the legs upwards?’ Being able to tilt the leg up also opens up a whole host of opportunities when shooting in very uneven locations, such as rocky riverbanks – which was one location I found this tiny Benro Bat tripod extremely useful. Interior shooters will now be able to get their camera even closer to a wall on a tripod by positioning that awkward leg upright at a steep incline.

Benro Bat 03C Tripod with VX20 Head

Benro’s Bat range of tripods have legs that can be locked in place pointing upwards

Benro Bat 03C Tripod with VX20 Head key features:

  • Accessories: There are 3 1/4inch thread sockets which allow an arm to be mounted so you can attach accessories such as a monitor, microphone or light.
  • Storage: The tripod comes with any equally shoulder bag for transport and protection.
  • 3/8 or 1/4 Screw: The spider has a sprung 3/8 thread that reveals a 1/4 thread so you can mount a head, or a camera directly.

As a glance at its key specs suggests, the Benro Bat 03C is the smallest in the range, but it has most of the features of the larger versions, including a carbon fibre construction. This is a table-top tripod that has three legs sections that can be extended using nice large rubber twist locks. The feet are a grippy rubber and can be swapped out for metal spikes, which aren’t included, and as you would expect there is a sprung hook in the centre for adding some extra ballast. One thing that is missing is a centre column, which does feature on the full-size tripods in the Bat range.

Benro Bat 03C Tripod with VX20 Head

The large rubber twist locks make assembly and disassembly quick and easy

The VX20 head is Arca Swiss compatible, and the plates have bumpers at either end to prevent your camera slipping off when the plate isn’t fully clamped. The loosening knob has two stages, requiring it to be pulled out before making the final twist that will completely loosen the plate for removal. The head also pans in two places; at the base like a conventional ball head, but also where the stalk meets the plate holder. It’s a little unnecessary, but a nice feature all the same.

The bat range

There are 6 models in the Bat range, of which the 03C is the smallest. It is joined by 3 other carbon fibre tripods, and 2 aluminium ones. The maximum height is found on the FBAT24CVX25, which is around 180cm tall and costs £270. The 5 other tripods all feature a centre column and have VX heads with sizes in relation to the tripod.

Benro Bat 03C Tripod with VX20 Head

The tripod has a maximum height of 41cm and folds down to just 30cm

Benro Bat 03C Tripod with VX20 Head: Our Verdict

I love the idea of Bat range and being able to position the legs and lock them upright. However, I have been particularly taken with this tiny version of the tripod. For tabletop, still life, product, macro and wildlife photography it could be a really useful tripod to have with you.