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  1. Police pics on show

    Photographs documenting The Police on tour – captured by band member Andy Summers – feature in an exhibition which opens in London this week. A separate show, opening in the capital on 5 September, reveals…

  2. Historic Talbot photo treasure

    An historic first edition of a book describing Fox Talbot’s invention of photography in 1839 is expected to raise up to £30,000 at Christie’s on 31 May. Picture credit: Christie's Images Ltd

  3. UK youngster lands travel title

    A 12-year-old boy from the UK has scooped this year’s Young Travel Photographer of the Year title. Picture credit: Edward Mole

  4. Camera saves rainforest

    A limited edition ‘solid titanium’ Leica M7 has raised more than £73,000 at auction, proceeds from which will be used to replant tens of thousands of trees in the Brazilian rainforest.

  5. Magnum opens up historic picture archive

    For the first time in its history the famed photojournalism agency Magnum Photos is to make its prints available for the UK public to view and buy. Picture credit: Steve McCurry/Magnum Photos

  6. Internet exposure for historic treasure trove

    The public will get free internet access to some of the world’s most famous photographs as a result of a tie-up between two of America’s largest photographic houses.

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