Large cities like London are, of course, fantastic places to take photographs. Whether you’re a local or you travel there, you’ll probably never run out of things to point your lens towards in the capital.

However, knowing that there’s enough potential material out there to fill 1,000 photobooks can make the decision of exactly where to head quite overwhelming. Especially so if you’re keenly aware that you only have a limited time in any given location.

The latest in fotoVue’s incredibly helpful set of books, Photographing London Volume 1 concentrates on central London. Inside you’ll find more than 400 locations and tips on where and how to take the best photographs.

Photographing London Vol 1 Wheel at Sunrise

‘Wheel at sunrise’. Credit: Syxaxis Photography 2018 / George Jackson

Whether you decide to work your way methodically through this weighty tome, flick to a page at random and head there, or concentrate on specific areas, this is a book that is both practical and inspiring. Even as someone who has visited London hundreds of times over the years to take pictures, this book offers up lots of ideas for places to try in the coming months and years.

The author George Johnson was born in the city and has an impressive photographic heritage – his great-great-great grandfather was a professional landscape and portrait photographer in the late 19th century; perhaps we even featured him in AP. George himself has appeared in several illustrious publications including Digital Camera, Black+White Photography, National Geographic Traveller and, of course, Amateur Photographer.

Photographing London Vol 1 Ben and Boudica

‘Ben and Boudica’. Credit: Syxaxis Photography 2018 / George Jackson

If London isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other books in the series, including rather more rural locations. A second volume of the London series is also due soon, too.

For me, and anybody else who is more of a city bod than a country bumpkin, it’s this volume that will probably come in most handy – myriad locations and details just waiting to be discovered. I highly recommend this book for those struggling for inspiration. I can see it becoming one of the most well-thumbed volumes in my house.

Photographing London Vol 1 book coverPhotographing London Vol 1 by George Johnson

Published by fotoVue
Price £28.95
Cover Softback
Pages 591
ISBN 978-1916-0145-10