Imaging software specialist DxO has introduced a new kind of raw conversion program called PureRAW, which aims to make its image processing technologies available to a wider range of photographers than ever before. Designed specifically for those who currently use software from competing companies and don’t intend to change, DxO PureRAW takes camera raw files and applies the firm’s proprietary demosaicing, noise reduction and lens corrections to produce partially-developed files as 16-bit linear DNGs. These can then be fully processed in programs such as Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom just like conventional raw files, but with potentially better detail and lower noise.

The software is designed to be very simple to use. You simply select the files to convert, confirm the correct camera/lens profiles, choose the noise reduction algorithm and press go. This gives access to some of the best lens aberration compensation tools on the market, along with the firm’s superb AI-based DeepPRIME noise reduction algorithm, which were previously only available in its PhotoLab raw converter. Crucially, you don’t have to learn a complex new program; instead, you can integrate DxO’s processing into your existing workflow, while using all of your favourite colour profiles and pre-sets as normal.

We’ve had a sneak preview of PureRAW and think it’s very good indeed – you can read our full review here. It could be especially valuable for those who use smaller-sensor cameras, or who wish extract the best from raw files shot with older cameras and/or optically compromised lenses such as kit zooms. DxO PureRAW is available to buy now from at an introductory price of £79.99, which will rise to £115 in June. A 30-day free trial is also on offer.