Nest has replaced the M10’s rubber feet with a more substantial version

Nest Vantage M10 Pro video tripod at a glance:

If you’re considering shooting video on your DSLR, a tripod with a fluid head for pans and tilts is going to be top of your kit list. And if you’re just starting out, you’ll no doubt want to keep costs down, which is why the new Vantage M10 Pro video tripod is a very tempting purchase.

For £150 you get a fairly solid tripod that weighs 4.4kg. At its minimum height of 720mm the M10 Pro video feels very solid and secure, and the spreader attached to its legs helps to keep them well supported. However, when the legs are extended to the tripod’s maximum height of 1.5m it can be prone to slight movements, although putting a bag or other ballast on the spreader helps to reduce these.

On our review sample the tripod legs had very basic rubber feet, which didn’t offer much contact with the ground. However, as we went to press Nest had just altered the design and replaced these with more substantial feet that provide much more surface contact with the ground and therefore greater support.

As for the fluid head, it includes a solid-metal quick-release plate, which isn’t too fiddly to remove from the tripod. The head itself is loose enough to allow you to achieve different speeds of pan and tilt, although the friction isn’t adjustable. It can take a bit of practice to get the perfect pan or tilt, and you need to make sure the locks are firmly adjusted before starting, but overall the head works well, and the adjustable telescopic handle is a nice touch.

A carry bag is included with the M10, which is useful for transporting and keeping the tripod clean. An external cord is attached to the tripod, which wraps around the legs to keep them in place when carrying it without the bag.

There aren’t too many video tripods of this quality available at this price. While more experienced videographers may find a few aspects, such as the lack of friction control, frustrating, for those starting out the Nest Vantage M10 Pro video is great. It’s lightweight, has all the features you need to get started, and offers great value for money.


The M10 has a solid-metal quick-release plate

SCORE: 4 out of 5