Leef iAccess iOS Micro SD Card Reader at a glance:

It can be all too easy to fill up the available memory on your iPad or iPhone while you’re out taking pictures, but the Leef iAccess can help. The device slots into the Lightning connector port and, using the Leef Mobile Memory app, allows you to view images and some types of video on your iPhone or iPad. We managed to view photos and MP4 videos shot on a GoPro, but it must be noted that videos larger than 1920×1080 may stutter when played back. Stick to videos that have been sized and compressed for a mobile device and you’ll be able to watch even full-feature films.

Of course, you can also transfer images and video from your iPhone or iPad to a MicroSD card, which should make it easy to free up significant space. I found that the iAccess worked well, and the unique curved design meant it was easy to hold securely without the risk of knocking it and damaging the connection on the iAccess or iPhone. A very neat device indeed.

SCORE: 4 out of 5