Eneloop Pro rechargeable 2500mAh AA batteries at a glance:

Batteries may not be the most exciting products, but they are still one of the most essential items in a photographer’s armoury – and the choice of battery is vital for high-power devices such as flashguns. Investing a bit of cash into a good set of rechargeable batteries is an excellent move for anyone that uses single-use AA batteries at an alarming rate. Also, with a good battery you get a better performance.

Eneloop Pro rechargeable 2500mAh AA batteries are designed for high-drain devices, and having tested a variety of other brands I can confidently say the Eneloop Pro batteries are among the best possible for use in flashguns. Many other high-quality batteries are good at maintaining small amounts of power over very long periods, but they quickly become exhausted when used by high-power devices repeatedly over a short period. This is where the Eneloop Pro batteries excel. They also boast great power performance in low temperatures and are rated to -20°C.

Panasonic claims the batteries can be recharged up to 500 times, so it’s clear you can get good use out of them. I have used the Eneloop Pro series for several years and find it hard to notice a discernible difference in their performance since the time they were purchased. I have charged them when they are fully drained, partially charged, and have also topped them up when they’ve been sitting idle. As they have no memory effect, recharging doesn’t damage the cells of the battery, which is a useful feature. Panasonic also states Eneloop Pros maintain 85% of their charge after a year, but I think it’s always worth giving any batteries a top-up the day before a shoot.

Although quite expensive, the Eneloop Pro AA batteries are fantastic for photographers looking to use them in a flashgun. They can be bought in a blister pack of four (£14.99) or with a two-hour quick charger for around £25.


Any NiMH battery charger can be used, but a quick charger is available for around £25

SCORE: 5 out of 5