COOPH Photo Glove Original at a glance:

COOPH – short for Cooperative of Photography – sells clothing and accessories specially designed for photographers. The company offers exceptionally high-quality garments and we featured its rather expensive but luxury Photo Glove Ultimate in AP 23 January. This week, we review the COOPH Photo Glove Original which, while slightly cheaper than the Ultimate, doesn’t compromise on quality.

Available in three colours and in male and female versions, the outer shell is made from 100% sheep’s leather, which makes the gloves soft and supple for ease of movement, while still looking stylish. Inside is a polyester lining that helps to insulate the wearer’s hands. Some of the fingers have small air-flow holes to help keep hands from sweating.

To help with grip, the palm and the middle, index and little finger are covered with a bi-cast leather and nylon material with silicon aperture diaphragm motifs. Each cuff hangs past the wrist and has a fastening with two poppers so the gloves can be worn either tightly or slightly looser to allow clothing to be tucked underneath – and it’s very effective.

Apart from these handy gloves giving the user a firm purchase on their camera, one of the most useful assets is that you can still wear them while using a touchscreen. Because of the soft material used, it’s possible to feel what you’re pressing with the gloves on. I was even able to select the somewhat small items on the Olympus OM-D’s Super Control menu, which is very impressive. At more than £100, they’re still an extravagant purchase, it has to be said, but they’re also seriously good.

SCORE: 4 out of 5