Canon Windbreaker AP-WB001 at a glance:

  • Exclusive to the official Canon store
  • Made from water-resistant polyester fabric
  • Hand and machine washable
  • Price: £124.99
  • Website:

Camera-branded apparel is a bit like Marmite – some people love it and will happily let others know which camera brand they use, while others hate it and would rather put their money towards better things. Earlier this year, Canon took the opportunity to show off its new range of branded clothing at The Photography Show.

Although we’re not overly fond of the T-shirts and hoodies that brandish the vintage Camera Kwanon logo from 1934 on the front, there are a few more tasteful items such as the windbreaker jacket and black T-shirt with white graphic print that reveals some of Canon’s most iconic cameras.

The Canon windbreaker is, in my opinion, the most stylish garment in Canon’s new range of merchandise. It is designed to be water-repellent, with photographer-friendly features to keep your top half dry and insulated when working in the great outdoors. Made from water-resistant polyester fabric, it’s finished in an attractive dark grey and isn’t festooned in too much Canon branding. The only places you’ll find the Canon logo are on the cuffs and the inside, making it one of the more subtle items of clothing offered by a camera manufacturer.

As well an inside pocket, there’s a small pocket on the left arm that’s great for storing spare memory cards. The two front pockets are sizeable and softly lined. This helps protect fragile accessories like filters, and can be used to keep your hands warm in cold weather. However, these pockets do lack a zip to keep items contained.

In use, the jacket did a great job of defending against wind chill and light rain. Best of all, it’s incredibly light so you barely know you’re wearing it, and after a shower or the wind subsides you can scrunch it up and stow it away in a small compartment of your bag. The reflective strips on the back are a great safety measure too, and as I found out it doubles up as a suitable jacket for walking or cycling.

Canon windbreaker AP-WB001 on person

Canon Windbreaker AP-WB001 – key features


The hood can’t be rolled up or stowed away behind a zipper as on some other jackets

Palm protection

The cuffs can be pulled down to protect the palms of your hands and feature a cutout for your thumb


The Canon windbreaker is available in small, medium, large and extra-large

Canon Windbreaker AP-WB001 – our verdict

As windbreaker jackets for wet and windy days go, this is an appealing example. It’s lighter than your average jacket, has a non-removable hood for when it rains, offers a good level of insulation and is extremely comfortable to wear. The materials and stitching are first class, but be warned that you may need to choose one size larger than you think as the jackets come up quite small. Most people will be put off this jacket by its price of £124.99. Yes, it’s well made, but when you consider a good-quality windbreaker jacket from your local outdoors store can cost half the price, it ultimately feels like you are paying over the odds for what it is.

SCORE: 3.5 out of 5

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Canon t-shirt

If you don’t need a windbreaker but like the idea of owning some other Canon apparel, there’s no shortage of items to choose from in the company’s new range. One of our favourites is the new black T-shirt featuring a white graphic print of some of Canon’s most iconic cameras through the years, right up to the EOS-1D X Mark II.

It’s made from 67% rayon from bamboo, 28% cotton and 5% elastane, ensuring that it’s nice and cool when worn in warmer temperatures. Available in small, medium, large and extra-large, all of Canon’s new T-shirts cost £28.99.