Artisan & Artist Red Label RDB-SD100 shoulder bag at a glance:

Artisan & Artist Red Label produces camera bags (including shoulder bags, sling bags, backpacks and messenger bags), pouches and straps. The RDB-SD100 is a multi-purpose messenger designed to be used for both camera kit and as an everyday bag. This is reflected in its grey checked design, which certainly doesn’t hint at the fact it holds a camera – so it’s ideal if you’re shooting in locations where security is an issue. There’s 5mm-thick padding at the bottom of the bag, and inside there’s a removable camera module with 10mm padding. This module has enough space for a medium-sized DSLR, and two large additional lenses. Alternatively I got a Fujifilm X-T1 and three lenses in there comfortably, and an Olympus OM-D E-M5 with lots of lenses wrapped up in lens wraps. A Canon EOS 5D Mark III was a bit of a squeeze but it did fit. I could also fit in a 15in laptop, which is useful.

The top flap of the bag folds over and fastens with a clip system. With a variety of different positions where these clips can go, you can adjust the size of the bag, and vary the amount of kit it holds, quickly and easily. For those who want quick access to their kit, there’s a zip at the back that gives you direct access to the main compartment. There are large pockets on the sides of the bag and one on the front, which is ideal for chargers, cables, memory cards and other accessories.

Artisan & Artist Red Label RDB-SD100 shoulder bag – Key features


The bag is designed so all pockets and pouches are totally covered by flaps, fastenings and weather-proofing to prevent rain getting in without the need for an additional cover.

Adjustable strap

The strap is made of a material similar to a car seatbelt and is fully adjustable.

Waterproof zips

Zips at the back and front of the bag are waterproof.

Artisan & Artist Red Label RDB-SD100 shoulder bag – Our verdict

Although the materials used to construct the Artisan & Artist Red Label RDB-SD100 Shoulder Bag are of a high standard and appear very durable, the bag doesn’t look as good as some at a similar price point. However, it offers a great level of padding, is comfortable and there’s stacks of room for personal possessions alongside your camera kit.

SCORE: 4 out of 5

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