3-Legged-Thing-EVO3-Punks-Rick3 Legged Thing EVO3 Punks Rick at a glance:

  • Maximum working height: 140.6cm
  • Minimum working height: 19.5cm
  • Closed folded length: 34cm
  • Supports up to 20kg with leg locks set at 23°
  • Price: £199
  • Website: www.3leggedthing.com

3 Legged Thing is a company known for its quirky product names and the latest addition to the Evolution 3 range is Rick – a carbon-fibre travel tripod designed for those looking for a compact and lightweight tripod to support a small DSLR or CSC. Thanks to its removable and reversible centre column, it’s a set of sticks that will allow those who like to work from low angles to do so easily. The legs can be set to 23°, 55° or 80°, and the quick-release plate that connects to the supplied AirHed Mohawk ball head is compatible with Peak Design camera clips, so users can connect a camera to a strap or belt without attaching a separate plate. The new parallel twist-type leg locks unscrew by half a turn to save time extending and tightening the legs.

Once out of its canvas carry case, I managed to extend the tripod fully to its maximum 140.6cm working height in just under 40 seconds. Fully extended, the legs did show signs of flexing when serious force was applied, but the locks refuse to slip provided they’re fully tightened. The detachable monopod is an attractive feature, but on a tripod of this size it’s very small and won’t see regular use unless you’re happy to crouch or use it when sitting.

3 Legged Thing EVO3 Punks Rick – Key features


The carbon-fibre legs ensure this is a lightweight set of sticks. On the scales it weighs 1.1kg.

Quick release

The square quick-release plate is compatible with Peak Design capture clips and is Arca Swiss compatible.


This orange anodised ring indicates the leg that can be unscrewed and used as a monopod.

Parallel locks

The TPR 80 parallel locks ensure that the leg locks don’t totally unscrew.

3 Legged Thing EVO3 Punks Rick – Verdict

Although it’s hard to fault the finish, the bronze, orange and blue colours won’t be to everyone’s liking, and I would have preferred the smaller locking knobs on the ball head to be rubberised to enhance the grip and improve operation. As travel tripods go, it’s light and folds down to a practical size, but if you’re prepared to settle on an aluminium alternative there are great travel tripod options available at half the price.

SCORE: 3 out of 5

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