Tripods may not be as exciting as a new camera or lens, but select the right high quality option for your photography and you’re looking at a lifetime of loyal service. And with aluminium and carbon-fibre options available, a wide variety of heads and legs with a plethora of different features, you can truly choose the best option for you. The Manfrotto 190 Go! is a stunning example of what Manfrotto tripods are capable of, and a tripod that’s perfectly suited to most types of photography.

Manfrotto came from humble beginnings in the late 1960s when photographer Lino Manfrotto found that studio equipment such as stands, booms and clamps weren’t exactly ideal. He embarked on producing light stands for himself and initially supplied friends, but after a couple of years decided to launch them on an international level. As the company grew, more products were added, and over the decades it expanded into Manfrotto as we know it today producing a wide range of studio equipment, bags and tripods aimed at both professional and enthusiast photographers.

Manfrotto tripods are some of the most popular on the market thanks to their blend of style, features and value. And with options available at a range of price points it’s easy to see why. The Manfrotto 190 Go! is a mid-range option offering a good maximum working height balanced off against a lightweight construction. There are two models available: carbon fibre and aluminium.

The legs of the 190 Go! lock at four different angles, and one has a rubberised grip for comfortable carrying. Leg height is fixed in position using twist-leg locks, and the centre column can also be quickly set to a horizontal position using an innovative and easy-to-use mechanism. The 190! is like a travel tripod on steroids; capable of being set to a higher stable maximum height than most travel options and able to support more weight, yet compact and lightweight when folded down.

Price: £174