Released in 2016, the X-T20 is essentially a scaled down and more affordable version of Fujifilm’s flagship X-T2 compact system camera. Despite being around half the price, the X-T20 borrows some of its key hardware components directly from the X-T2, most notably its innovative X-Trans CMOS II sensor.This APS-C sized sensor is unique to Fujifilm and has gained a deserved reputation for delivering excellent image quality in a wide range of conditions. With 24.3-million pixels of effective resolution, it’ll capture plenty of fine detail should you want to make A4 or even A3 prints to hang on your wall.

Another big draw with the X-T20 – and indeed many other Fujifilm digital cameras – is its array of JPEG processing options, or Film Simulation modes as Fujifilm calls them. These draw directly on the company’s extensive experience of manufacturing 35mm film and are even named after real Fujifilm film products; Provia is the most natural looking of the range and produces lifelike colour, while Velvia delivers deliberately rich and saturated images, and Astia produces muted colour ideal for portrait work. The Classic Chrome option, meanwhile, successfully apes the look of classic 1950s magazine photojournalism and looks absolutely stunning. In fact, we’d happily shoot Classic Chrome all day long.

As an interchangeable-lens camera the X-T20 is well supported by an ever-growing range of high-quality Fujinon lenses designed specifically for the company’s X-mount system. This includes optics at all of the most popular fixed focal lengths and zoom ranges, and also includes fast primes and zooms. Many of these lenses, especially the primes, feature a built-in aperture ring that combines brilliantly with the dedicated shutter-speed dial on the X-T20 for a handling experience that’s as intuitive as it is pleasingly old-school. The X-T20 is available in two colour schemes; while it looks pretty slick in all-black, the silver-and-black version is definitely where we’d put our money.

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Price: £799 (body only)


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