Image: The matrix metering system works well in most conditions, although slight underexposure is necessary in heavy contrast to maintain highlights

The D600’s metering system is the same as that used in the D7000, and in most lighting conditions it produces decent results. However, when challenged by trickier conditions it does lack the complexity of the D800’s 91,000-dot 3D Matrix III system and can require manual adjustment. For the contrast of early evening light, I found myself setting the exposure compensation to -0.7EV to ensure highlights were maintained. This is a fairly small adjustment, though, and with ±5EV to play with it never becomes an issue. Being able to link the spot metering to the AF point is a handy addition for portraits and saves the constant recomposing that would otherwise be required.

Image: A backlit leaf provides a tricky subject to meter, although the  spot metering does a great job 

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