Maxell Portable Wireless reader

The reader’s download times are so quick, they’re almost instant

Maxell Portable Wireless Reader at a glance:

Maxell’s Portable Wireless Reader allows users to access files on their SD cards via a Wi-Fi connection. In order to view images, photographers can transfer files from the card to their smartphone wirelessly.

The device is very easy to get to grips with. Once you’ve downloaded the free SmartBox app for Android or iOS smartphones, you can simply connect your smartphone or tablet to the wireless reader with its own personal password. You can access its contents from up to 10m away, meaning you could store the reader in a bag and still make use of it.

I found the device to be very portable and compact – with dimensions of 75x60x16.1mm and a weight of 75g, it fits comfortably in a pocket. In use, I was easily able to access my files and transfer them onto my smartphone to create space on my SD card on the move. Upload and download times are so quick, they’re almost instant. You’re also able to stream videos and music from an SD card, although streaming video was a little laggy. Another slight criticism is that the design of the app looked dated.

Nevertheless, the Maxell Portable Wireless Reader is straightforward to use and a great way to get the benefits of Wi-Fi connectivity if it isn’t built-in to your camera. As a bonus, the reader has its own battery pack (2500mAh, 1A output) that can also serve as a charger for your USB devices including smartphones, tablets and cameras. Overall it’s a neat little device.

SCORE: 3.5 out of 5

Maxell Portable Wireless Reader app