The Peeps’ teardrop-shaped carbon pads help clean tricky corners

Lenspen Peeps at a glance:

I find wearing glasses to be something of a pain when I’m taking photographs. If I wear them when I look through the camera’s viewfinder I’m constantly pressing them up against the rubber eyepiece. If I adjust the dioptre so I can see sharply through the viewfinder without the glasses, then they’re perched on top of my head. Either way, they’re constantly dirty and I spend an inordinate amount of my time cleaning them. I have lens cloths everywhere.

If you recognise this problem, you’ll be interested to learn of a device by Lenspen called Peeps. The Lenspen range, in case you aren’t familiar, is based around the excellent glass-cleaning properties of carbon. The classic Lenspen uses a soft carbon pad on a stick, which safely picks up the dirt and grease on your lens rather than just moving it around.

Now, imagine taking a pair of those carbon pads and attaching them to the ends of a pair of tweezers, and that’s effectively what you have with Peeps. The great thing about this device is that not only does the carbon pad clean really effectively, but the design also means that you clean both sides of the lens at the same time.

As an added bonus, the teardrop shape of the pads provides a point that enables you to get into tricky corners, and when not in use the handle and prongs slide into a protective sheath that contains a slide-out brush in the other end for removing larger bits of dirt.

The carbon pads are good for 500 uses, which should see you through a couple of years if used every few days. It also comes in a range of colours so you can coordinate it with your outfit if you so desire. Peeps is one of the best spectacle-cleaning solutions I’ve come across and this one now resides permanently in my camera bag.

SCORE: 5 out of 5


The Peeps’ handle and prongs slide into a protective sheath