Round 10: Self-portrait

In our final round we would like you to turn the camera around. It?s as simple as that. But to do it well you must think of yourself as both artist and subject. In a small way we do this every morning when we look at ourselves in the mirror. As we primp and adjust ourselves, the critic inside us responds until we create a final image. The same principle applies. When shooting a self-portrait, it is important to consider your posture and head angle, so try several poses. If you can convince him or her that you?re not secretly taking their portrait, use your partner as a stand-in. A stand-in will also help you focus and find your ideal focal length. Anything under 50mm will cause distortion, while over 105mm you?ll find foreshortening. Background is another consideration. Do you want it stark, like a mug shot, or elaborate, like the Mona Lisa? Lastly, consider your equipment. Tripods and cable releases are your best friends, but so are the self-timer and interval shooting functions. The best thing to do is experiment!

The closing date for APOY Round 10 entries is 28 November. See AP 1 Nov for an entry form.

First Prize

Samsung GX-20 twin lens kit, worth £999, comprising the GX-20 camera body, 18-55mm lens and a 50-200mm zoom. The winner will also receive a 35mm lens, worth £229, an SEF-54 PFZ flash, worth £299, and an SEF-36 PFZ flash, worth £199.

Second Prize

Samsung GX-20 kit, worth £700. Included in the kit is the GX-20 camera body and an 18-55mm lens. The GX-20 boasts 14.6 million effective pixels, on-sensor dust removal, wireless flash, post-capture HDR, pixel mapping, a top ISO of 6400 and a wide range of white balance options.

Third Prize

Samsung NV24HD compact digital camera, worth £249.99. The 10.2-megapixel NV24HD boasts a 24-86mm (equivalent) wideangle zoom lens, optical image stabilisation, face, blink and smile detection, HD video capability, a wide range of shooting modes and Samsung?s new organic LED screen (OLED).