Photography is one of those professions and hobbies where there’s much more to kit than simply camera, lenses and accessories. Unless you shoot exclusively in a studio, it’s likely that you’ll need outdoor clothing to not only protect you from the elements but also provide a reasonable amount of storage for items of kit and accessories. The Jack Wolfskin Taiga Forest Parka is one such option that’s a 3-in-1 coat made up of two individual jackets, making it a year-round jacket that will keep you warm from autumn through to spring.

The two jackets that make up the Jack Wolfskin Taiga Forest Parka include an outer jacket and an inner insulated fleece that can be worn individually or together. The outer jacket is made of Function 65, which is a windproof, water-resistant and breathable hybrid fabric made with organic cotton. The inner jacket is made of Stormlock Softtouch – a lightweight, windproof and water-resistant material.

In terms of pockets and storage, there are two breast pockets and two large lower pockets big enough to carry lenses as large as a 70-200mm f/2.8, with two additional zipped pockets behind. This is useful for changing lenses, and for carrying frequently used accessories such as a shutter remote, lens cloth, memory cards and filters etc.

If you’re an outdoor photographer working in the areas of nature and landscape photography, non-photographic kit such as clothing should always be high on your list of priorities. In cold and inclement weather it’s important to make sure that you’re warm, dry and ultimately comfortable. A versatile jacket such as the Jack Wolfskin Taiga Forest Parka is a great option that will keep you comfortable out in the field.

Price: £215