Sony Alpha 77 II review – Resolution, dynamic range and noise


Jpeg images achieve a result of 32 lines per picture height (lpph) at ISO 50 (extended) and ISO 100 on our resolution chart. Even at ISO 6400, a 28lpph score is achieved as a result of the powerful Bionz X processor. Sony’s raw software offers little extra in terms of resolution, but this may improve when Adobe supports the Alpha 77 II raw file.

Dynamic range

At the expanded ISO sensitivity setting of 50, the maximum dynamic range of 12.35EV is achieved. This is a respectable dynamic range for an APS-C sensor. When shooting landscapes in sunny conditions, the Alpha 77 II resolved adequate shadow and highlight detail. At ISO 800, the camera still captures just under 10 stops and it slopes downwards roughly 1 stop per EV from there.


At ISO 100, images appear almost noise free. By ISO 400, we see a slight hint of luminance noise when pixel peeping. By ISO 800, some colour noise is noticeable mostly in the shadow areas, but this isn’t visible on an image printed at A4 size. Past ISO 6400 images are not extremely noisy, but the in-camera noise reduction is very heavily applied and breaks down much of the detail.

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