Samsung NX300 review – Metering

The NX300 uses the same 221-segment metering system as the NX200 and NX210. The multi-segment metering mode provides even exposures in most situations, and I found little need to dial in exposure compensation for day-to-day shooting.

Thanks to the camera’s touchscreen, spot metering is much quicker to operate and therefore more appropriate for a wider number of shooting situations. In practice, spot metering is usually appropriate only when one has the time to move the spot to the correct area of the frame, but by using the touchscreen there is much quicker response. With this in mind, I found myself switching between multi and spot metering more than I normally would. Spot metering can be linked to the AF point, so a simple touch of the screen can operate focus, metering and shutter in one go, anywhere in the frame.

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