Fujifilm X20 review – Metering

Image: Faced with such a scene, the camera tends to expose to keep an overall balance rather than for the main subject, which can lead to underexposure. This has been remedied by applying +1EV exposure compensation thrugh the camera’s raw processing option

The camera’s metering system uses a 256-zone pattern to determine correct exposure, and on the default multi option it renders most scenes accurately. Some scenes do sway it unexpectedly into over or underexposure, suggesting it to be slightly more sensitive than the norm, but where this happens the result is usually no more than around 0.5-1EV away from that expected.

More obvious candidates for underexposure, such as scenes containing significant amounts of sky and clouds, and those where most of the frame is filled with a bright building, show it to expose for the scene as a whole rather than the subject. Having the exposure compensation dial close to hand, however, means that any adjustments can be quickly applied.

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