Canon EOS 1200D review – Viewfinder, live view, LCD and video

The Canon EOS 1100D featured a 2.7in, 230,000-dot LCD which, by today’s standards, is very low resolution. Thankfully, this has been improved in the 1200D, which features a 3in TFT LCD display with a resolution of 460,000 dots. This still isn’t on a par with many of the EOS 1200D’s competitors, but for the type of user this camera is designed for it is sufficient. Also, as the EOS 1200D is designed to a budget, it doesn’t feature any touchscreen functionality or screen articulation, but that is to be expected.

The screen’s refresh rate is very fast and the viewing angle is equally as good. The screen isn’t too reflective, even in bright, sunny conditions, and all the settings are still readable on the LCD.

There is no proximity sensor to disable the LCD when looking through the optical viewfinder. Instead, users have a designated button located above the D-pad that turns the LCD screen on and off. This pentamirror-type optical viewfinder offers an approximate 95% field of view.

The video resolution of the EOS 1200D is a big improvement over its predecessor. It now boasts full 1080HD (1920×1080) at frame rates of either 29.97fps, 25fps or 23.976fps. In addition, there is a 720HD (1280×720) option that can be shot at either 59.94fps or 50fps. This higher frame rate is useful for making slow-motion video.

With no external microphone port, the EOS 1200D replies on its own internal microphone. However, it is possible to manually adjust the audio level in the menu.

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