Canon EOS 1200D review – Companion app

Shortly after the announcement of the Canon EOS 1200D, Canon released a free Companion app for the camera in both Android and iOS.

Inside this application are three main options, the first of which is Learn. This is for teaching the user the basics of photography through various exercises, video tutorials and troubleshooting tips. The second option is Explore that gives a three-dimensional interactive map of the camera. Users can pick out certain buttons and the app will tell them what these buttons do and how they are used. This section also gives information about accessories for the EOS 1200D, including remotes, flashguns and bags. The third part of the app is Inspire. Essentially, this is a mini photo project. The app randomly generates a topic, such as family, buildings, mountains, pets or water. It then matches this with an ‘approach’, such as bird’s-eye view, hot, fast or slow. The idea is that the user has to capture an image that represents these two elements.

For the first-time DSLR photographer, this is a fantastic app. It provides information about the fundamentals of photography and clears up any confusion they may have about what certain settings or buttons do.

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