The software developer behind a hit photography application for the Apple iPhone has expressed regret that his former colleague Steve Jobs did not live to see its launch.

Chris MacAskill says his ?Camera Awesome? application has proved to be the Apple Store?s second most popular application over the past five days, with 1.5m ?instals? since its launch last week.

?We wanted Steve [Jobs] to see it before he died but it was harder to deliver than we thought,? said MacAskill who worked closely with Jobs as director of Developer Relations at NeXT Computers.

MacAskill, who works in Silicon Valley, California, said the app took 18 months to develop and cost nearly $1m.

Jobs, co-founder of Apple, died in October 2011, aged 56.

Speaking at the UK?s Focus on Imaging show, MacAskill explained that Camera Awesome’s features include a horizon level function and a frame rate of ?nine frames per second? for low resolution images, or 3fps using the 8MP camera on board the iPhone 4s.

Camera Awesome, which is free, also includes the ability to record movie footage five seconds before hitting the start button, using the ?precording? feature.

Special effects can be added using the ?Awesomized? feature and the user can upload to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter with a single tap.

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