The Associated Press has been busy whittling down more than one million images captured by its photographers in 2011, to just 10 for an online gallery.

Subjects covered in 2011 included the Arab Spring, earthquakes, tsunamis and the demise of Osama Bin Laden.

?Photo editing is inherently a process of comparison and selection,? said the agency?s director of Photography, Santiago Lyon, who carried out the daunting editing task.

?It involves aesthetics, storytelling, impact and memory.

?In the end, I chose an edit of 10 representative photos from some of the biggest stories of 2011 and then a broader edit of over 300 news photos, to try and capture almost everything else.’

Lyon added: ?Comparing human experience is an exercise fraught with risks because every experience is, in some way, a valid one.

‘And the act of curating is, by its very nature, exclusionary. But in the end, when a year draws to a close, people want to see the images that made a difference.

?The choice of these 10 images, from seven stories, is in no way meant to disrespect those involved in any other news events.?

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